A Beautiful Floral Proposal

floral proposalEveryone loves a good marriage proposal. Whether extravagant or simple, silly or sentimental, this is an event that you will look back on for the rest of your life. It is the moment neither of you will ever forget. It’s the story you will tell your children.  Given all the excitement and emotion, you put a lot of thought into how to pop the question. At Central Square Florist, we’ve seen a lot of Cambridge and Boston couples get married, and we have all the flowers you’ll need to create the most memorable floral proposal imaginable.

There are hundreds of possible ways to incorporate flowers into your wedding proposal, but first you’ll want to decide which flowers to use. The best and most obvious answer is to go with a favorite flower or blossoms in their favorite color.

floral proposal

Here are a few clever ideas to consider:

* Enlist a few family members or friends to help deliver single roses throughout the day. Tie one word to each rose, forming the phrase  “will you marry”. Show up with the last stem that says “me?” and present with the ring.
* Send a corsage or floral crown to her during the day, and ask for a dinner date. Cover the table with the same flowers, and have a miniature tiered cake delivered for dessert, with a few scatted blooms and a ring on top.
* Create a dramatic and beautiful backdrop for an outdoor proposal by stringing single blossoms on thread or wire and hanging vertical “curtains” of flowers.floral proposalHowever you choose to execute your floral proposal, the experts at Central Square Florist are eager to help you pull off the beautiful surprise. And as you move forward into planning for your wedding, don’t forget to call for your consultation – gorgeous Boston weddings are what we do.