What Flowers to Buy For A Wedding Bouquet

Wedding-Bouquet-Overview-120718123522The flowers you buy for your wedding bouquet are very important to the overall theme and feel of the wedding. It is not a decision to be taken lightly. You’ll be looking at photos of those flowers from your wedding and remembering the flowers in your mind for the rest of your life. Your choice will make a strong statement about not only your wedding, but about who you are as a person. You don’t want to choose the wrong flowers, and what might work for someone else’s wedding might not be right for yours. Here is how to decide what flowers to buy for a wedding bouquet and be sure you’ve made the right selection.

Selecting the Type of Flowers

Your bouquet flowers must reflect the color scheme and overall theme of your wedding. You don’t want your bouquet to seem out of place as you walk down the aisle. Use flowers that match or complement the colors used in the bridesmaids’ dresses and other decorations. If you’re having a theme wedding, use flowers that fit that theme, such as holly and red roses for a Christmas theme, lilies for an Easter theme, and daisies for a fairy tale theme.

If your wedding doesn’t have a theme, choose flowers that match the season in which the wedding is to be held, or the location of the wedding. For example, tropical flowers like hibiscus and orchids are good for tropical locales. Mums, carnations, and marigolds are excellent for garden weddings. Wildflowers are perfect for country or casual weddings. Always stick with matching either the color scheme, the theme, the season, or the locale for your wedding when you choose your bouquet flowers, and you’ll always have the perfect bouquet.