Planning Your Red Themed Wedding

thumbnail 4.59.56 PMPlanning a wedding is no easy undertaking – even for the best organized, most detail-oriented couples. The pressure to take care of everything, right down to the tiniest details, is sure to put a lot of strain on an engaged couple. That kind of pressure can put a real damper on something that should be a fun, enjoyable and exciting bonding experience.

Our experienced wedding planners at Central Square Florist will help you make sure that every detail from the special lighting features used in your reception to the aisle everyone walks down for the ceremony are more perfect than anything you ever imagined in your wildest dreams.

How to Create a Wedding Theme Around the Color Red

Red is a wonderfully vibrant, passionate and fiery color, but when you want it to be the theme or be the basis for the theme, you need to think outside the box. Sure, you can use red flowers, and red roses are so common and stereotypical, there won’t be anything that truly makes your wedding stand out as the event of the year.

  • What about using different shades of red? You can use a really deep red that has enough blue to make it almost beet red, or you can use a red that is about the same bright red as red peppers.
  • Since red is the color for January, and there’s no doubt that it is winter in Boston, an elegant way to incorporate red into your wedding theme, is with rich red velvet fabric.
  • Place the wedding cake on a table that’s covered with a red velvet overlay that either hangs down over the table cloth or covers the top of the table. Ask that your cake be placed on something that is covered with red velvet, or a red lace doily.
  • Instead of using lace overlays on your reception tables, use red velvet fabric out of Sharing-Wedding-Cake-120718125652which stenciled patterns related to your wedding are cut. That would not only look very unique; it would be something that personalizes the table settings to a degree that isn’t possible otherwise. If you don’t want a full overlay, make table runners and place your centerpieces on top of the stenciled red velvet runners.

If you have a large enough budget, perhaps you’d like to give your guests a personalized wedding favor. Put your initials or the wedding monogram on the favors in red, or choose red gift bags and have the monogram put on the gift bags in either another shade of red or in red glitter, as long as it’s visible on top of the gift bag color.