Traditional Mother of the Bride Duties

mother rolesMothers play a special role in our lives from the moment we are born; they help to mold, shape, and encourage us to be who we are, and stand beside us like no one else could. And on a bride’s wedding day, her mother rightfully plays a very important and symbolic role as she assists her daughter in the planning of the celebration.

Even as our culture changes, traditions and rituals are still commonplace on wedding days. Styles and trends may change year-to-year -or even season to season– but many of the responsibilities of those in our wedding parties have stood the test of time. As a bride prepares for her big day, her mother takes on the more administrative duties of making calls to vendors and compiling the guest list. Her role doesn’t stop there, however. A mother of the bride is usually invited to help choose the perfect white dress that will be the focal image of her daughter’s day.

When it comes to the ceremony, various cultures and religious traditions have different ways of honoring the bride’s mom. In the Christian tradition, the mother of the bride is escorted to a front pew before the ceremony begins; subsequently, she is the first walked down the aisle of the chapel after the wedding party exits. In Jewish celebrations of marriage, the mother and father both customarily walk the beautiful young lady down the aisle to meet her new husband. The mother of the bride is considered the hostess of the reception, as such is expected to greet all the guests.

Planning your wedding day involves many details, and your mother is an incredible asset that you have to help you navigate all of them. Here at Central Square Florist, we want to assist you as well – our floral designers are eager to create custom bouquets, centerpieces, and altar flowers that will be the perfect accents for your wedding!