Using the Stargazer Lily at Your Wedding

shutterstock_171266801One of the most striking lily varieties on the planet has to be the stargazer lily. With it’s large, multi-colored blooms in white along with a range of pinks, stargazer lilies are a premium choice for wedding decor. They embody a divine mix of both bold and delicate qualities along with a beautiful scent. Stargazers can dazzle at both the church ceremony and the reception; use them in bouquets and in details and moments throughout your special day.

A New Twist on a Time-Honored Bloom

The lily has had spiritual connotations for centuries, and the stargazer is a delightful hybrid that was developed in the late 20th century. Its exotic, impactful look has made it a favorite for gift-giving as well as decoration and adornment. The stargazer brings both drama and elegance to any setting, exuding prosperity and abundance as well as an air of celebration, joy and exuberance. Lighter tones can signify new beginnings and a pure spirit, while the deeper rich, pink tones bring an aura of exotic passion and the good things in life.

The lily has been a favorite for centuries, but stargazer brings something entirely new to the table; its bright, even explosively-colored blooms make it stand out spectacularly at any event. Their beauty and elegance make them the perfect highlight or accent flower at your special event. Weddings in particular can be beautifully and memorably adorned by this “celebrity” of the floral world. Use the stargazer in the following facets of your wedding decor:

Bouquets. From bridesmaids’ bouquets to the bride’s own brilliant arrangement, stargazers will bring out the best in everyone’s natural beauty.

Centerpieces. Adorn your reception tables with the stargazer, and your centerpieces will take your guests’ breath away. Stargazer shines as both the main attraction and when arranged with other beautiful blooms; some possible accent flowers can include the white hydrangea, azalea, other lily varieties and white roses.

Accent arrangements. Stargazer lilies are stunning for adorning the church during your ceremony as well. Whether at the ends of each church pew or up by the altar at the church, you can be sure that the attention-getting stargazer will be a dynamic focal point.

When it comes to flowers, it’s hard to make a bigger impact than with the stargazer lily. For more information or to discuss options for your wedding decor, contact Central Square Florist today.