Vintage Themed Weddings with Central Square Florist

vintage weddingsVintage weddings are ever-popular, but what exactly is a vintage wedding?


It’s hard to define, because the term encompasses so many years, so much history and so many styles. In essence, a vintage wedding is one in which you choose to evoke feelings of a different time or place; perhaps remembering childhood or honoring your heritage…or maybe, throwing a Roaring 20’s party because it looks like fun! Whatever your personality and style, there is a vintage wedding just waiting for you to create it. While the possibilities are endless, vintage themed weddings can basically fall within one of two groups; a “rustic vintage” wedding, or a classic vintage wedding.


Rustic vintage celebrations bring to mind family gatherings, long summer days and casual, good times. These types of weddings are often held in old barns or farmhouses; ideas for décor include classic sofas and coffee tables and strings of Edison lights. Everything from the food to the décor is a bit homespun in nature; think wicker baskets, mason jars and pinwheels to stay cool. A rustic vintage wedding is often DIY, and admittedly a bit quirky – but it definitely showcases the couple’s view of life together and with others. Brides will often wear a simple gown, with flowers in her hair and wildflower bouquets that appear fresh picked from the garden

vintage weddings

A classically vintage wedding will pick an era – the Art Deco 1930’s or the innocent 1950’s – and design a theme wedding around it. The focal point of such weddings is often the attire – a flapper inspired wedding gown, or a Jackie O. inspired dress (complete with pillbox hat) will make choosing all the other design elements easy. Accessories for vintage weddings often include generous strings of pearls, dangly crystal earrings or a mink stole fastened with Grandmother’s cameo brooch. Don’t forget your groom, a suit from the matching era will lend to mesmerizing photos. Venues can include opera houses or train stations; but even if you choose a traditional catering venue, the décor can transform any space and transport you back in time.


From lush peony bouquets to cakes draped in lace, Central Square Florist can provide the flower arrangements. bridal bouquets and floral details to set the mood. We are your wedding experts – come into our Cambridge florist to browse photos, speak to our consultants or share your ideas. Whatever your idea of vintage, Central Square Florist is here to help bring it to life.