Wedding Flowers at MIT Chapel

Central Square Florist is a local florist experienced with weddings at the MIT Chapel. Central Square Florist is located just a little over half a mile down the road from the chapel, making it the closest florist to the chapel. 

MIT Chapel is a beautiful and intimate venue for a wedding ceremony. The cylindrical chapel has windowless walls and light shines in through the circular skylight. Twinkling from the skylight is a metal sculpture designed by Harry Bertoia that hangs down to the marble altar on the circular marble platform. The venue is so simplistic that flowers truly bring beautiful color into the chapel. Moreover, because of its simplicity, nearly any color palette looks lovely.   

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In the center of the circular marble platform is a rectangular marble altar. Flowers can be placed here or on the wooden stands provided by the chapel. The wooden stands are placed on either side of the marble altar on the circular platform. Placing a floral arrangement on each stand gives a nice, balanced look to the platform. You’ll want flowers at the altar since all guests’ eyes are focused on it throughout the ceremony. 

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Our most popular request for altar flowers is two large, clear glass cylinders placed on the wooden stands. Typically we do 20 inch cylinders. Since the cylinders are so simple any combination of flowers works. A popular request is hydrangea with curly willow. This simple yet elegant look fits the feel of the elegant chapel. We also get requests for one large piece to be placed in the middle of the marble altar. This can be in a clear glass vase or a container such as an urn. Mixed flowers in the color scheme of the wedding fill the urn. 

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In addition to altar flowers, pews add a bit of decoration to the space. The chapel are 6 rows of seating. Some couples choose to have pews on every row. Others choose to just have pews on the first few rows. The number of pews may depend on how many rows your wedding guests will fill up. Flower pews are created with one type of flower or a mix of flowers with ribbon. Popular pew flowers are roses, hydrangea, orchids and calla lilies. 

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Central Square Florist is a fourth generation, family owned flower shop since 1929 committed to providing beautiful, fresh flowers for your special day at the MIT chapel.