Weddings in Winter

thumbnail  Winter weddings offer brides and grooms a chance to explore creative themes that people wouldn’t normally consider at other times of the year.

Although weather limitations that make it impractical to hold the wedding – or reception, outside, by using flowers and elements, it’s easy to bring the beauty of nature, inside for guests and family members to enjoy.


Include Flowers In The Theme of Your Wedding

Flowers are such an important part of the entire wedding celebration. When you include them in the theme, you can use them to transform the atmosphere from something ordinary, to something really over the top.

Flowers give a wedding a sense of elegance that you can’t get any other way. It isn’t enough to use flowers just for the wedding party; you need to use them in the ceremony, for the cocktail hour, and to create the magic that every bride dreams of experiencing – especially during the wedding reception.


You Can’t Go Wrong With Whitethumbnail

White is a spectacular color around which to plan a winter wedding. It goes with everything, but it also introduces a wintry wonderland element that can’t otherwise be achieved during an indoor wedding ceremony. Just because you choose to go with a theme of white, you shouldn’t feel locked into that stark, very traditional pure white.

Today’s modern brides are thinking about white in an entirely new way. Ivory, cream-color, and even blush are perfectly suitable for a wedding with a white floral scheme. Boston’s Central Square Florist uses creamy ivory-colored roses for an All White bridal bouquet. The beautiful arrangement also includes elegant calla lilies, fragrant stock, and crisp white tulips.


Reception Centerpieces

The centerpieces are arguably the most essential component of the reception atmosphere. When you want to wow your guests and create the feeling of a real winter wonderland, white centerpieces can do that incredibly effectively. You can be trendy with a spectacular combination of white tulips, white calla lilies and cream-colored roses, accepted with eucalyptus leaves and white feathers, all highlighted by a fancy silver container that adds some sparkle to the table.


Ceremony Flowers

As long as you’re embracing the winter weather as part of your wedding theme, continue that with your choice of flowers for the ceremony. Go Elegant with white dendrobium orchids, hydrangeas, lilies, delphinium and creamy roses. Consider white and green – to add a touch of the season without going overboard. It combines mini green hydrangeas with roses, gerbera daisies, snap, and bells.