Central Square Florist – Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsThere is much written about wedding traditions and proposals. Recently, videos of elaborate proposals circulate online; the more unique the proposal, the better we like it! Romantic, creative and unique proposals have become the norm to us in America; however in the past and in different cultures, strange traditions were as normal to them as our rituals are to us.


Proposals have not always been as carefully produced as they are today. In fact, in medieval times, a proposal consisted of a man placing a hawthorn branch by his intended’s door on the first day of May. If she left it there, she accepted his proposal; if she replaced it with a cauliflower, she declined. Today’s expertly executed proposals may have seemed as strange to them as their custom seems to us.


In modern times, choosing someone to marry comes down to chemistry and companionship. Finding an appropriate mate is a distinctly personal decision, but this wasn’t always the case. Centuries ago, it was considered bad luck to marry someone with a last name that started with the same letter as yours, although if they shared a birthday with you, that was very good luck. Believing in superstitions was commonplace in other ways as well – for instance, a wedding celebration held on the weekend was considered doomed from the start. Considering Saturday is the most popular day for weddings, modern culture has certainly not adopted these customs.


Regardless of the traditions you choose to observe, flowers are always a large part of wedding ceremonies. From the flower girl’s basket of blossoms, to the bridal bouquets and the venue centerpieces, Central Square Florist has been a part of hundreds of Cambridge wedding celebrations. Choose from our large selection of beautiful arrangements – or work with us to create your own – to make the day perfectly you.