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A Beautiful Floral Proposal

Everyone loves a good marriage proposal. Whether extravagant or simple, silly or sentimental, this is an event that you will look back on for the rest of your life. It is the moment neither of you will ever forget. It’s the story you will tell your children.  Given all the excitement and emotion, you put […]

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Holiday Weddings

Is a holiday wedding in the works for you? In the midst of Christmas and New Years, you can find yourself in an excellent time for a wedding. This festive time of year lends itself well to weddings, with all of the decorations already in place and people’s thoughts turned towards family and other loved […]

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Weddings in Winter

  Winter weddings offer brides and grooms a chance to explore creative themes that people wouldn’t normally consider at other times of the year. Although weather limitations that make it impractical to hold the wedding – or reception, outside, by using flowers and elements, it’s easy to bring the beauty of nature, inside for guests and […]

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