June is The Summer Wedding Month! A Few Things You Should Know While Planning The Big Event!

Finding the right flowers for your summer wedding can be tricky, especially if you are planning an outdoor event. Some flowers, such as gardenias, tulips and lilacs, don’t hold up well in the heat and humidity, so you’ll want to avoid these in your bouquet or in your centerpieces. Instead, choose hardier flowers such as roses, tiger lilies or ones with a waxy texture, like orchids. These type of flowers can stand up to the heat of a summer wedding.

Country Wedding

If you are having a country wedding, choose fun or playful looking flowers, such as sunflowers or bright Gerbera daisies. If you interested in a more elegant touch, however, you might prefer to carry a bouquet of simple white roses. This is a stunning and understated look that will still fit in with the casual feel of a country wedding.

Beach Wedding

When choosing flowers for your beach weddings, consider the elements that will be surrounding you. For example, you may want to carry a bouquet that emphasize the blue of the ocean and the white sands under your feet. Some brides will even add small seashells to their bouquets to play up the nautical feel.

Formal Weddings

Traditional flowers, such as dark-hued or pale roses and orchids, work best for a formal wedding. You will want your flowers to look as sophisticated and beautiful as your event.

Your Bridesmaids

Too often, brides try to match the color of their attendants’ bouquets to their dresses. In reality, it’s better visually to choose flowers that will stand out and accent your bridesmaids’ outfits. For example, instead of having your attendants hold pink flowers against a pink dress, consider instead bouquets made up of white flowers with a few pink ones for accents. These bouquets will look better in your wedding photos, as well.

Taking Care of Your Bouquet

To keep your bouquets looking fresh for the entire day, ask your florist or a friend to place a few vases filled with water around your wedding and reception sites. That way, your buds can get a drink whenever you need to put them down. You should also have a towel handy so that you and your attendants won’t end up getting water stains on your dresses. And remember to avoid laying your bouquet down in the sunlight.