Inside Or Outside: What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Flowers

Choosing the right flower arrangements for an indoor or outdoor wedding often has many brides in a stressed out panic. Part of the decision on flower arrangements will be determined by whether your wedding is being held indoor or outdoor.

Indoor Wedding

An indoor wedding is great for controlling the environment. You know that rain or shine the indoor wedding will prevail.

Artificial Lighting – Indoor weddings may be hosted in any kind of lighting. Dim lights, candlelight, tungsten lights and fluorescent lights will all give different lighting casts on your decorations. While one flower color might look perfect in the shop, it could look entirely wrong in the venue. This is why it is important to know the type of lighting your flowers will be seen in and then make sure they look how you expect when under that type of lighting.

Too Crowded – While outdoor spaces usually provide unlimited amounts of space and need to be closed in, indoor spaces are just the opposite. The room may already feel small and the wrong flower choices can make the space feel even more closed in.

Outdoor Wedding

While an outdoor wedding may be more concerning in the weather department, the beauty and fresh air just can’t be beaten.

Pesky Visitors – It is important to remember that an outdoor wedding may face many bugs that are attracted to flowers. Choose flowers that won’t bring the bees in swarms.

Heatwave – It might be best to choose flowers that are hardy rather than delicate. The wrong blooms can wilt in the summer sun and look droopy within a few hours.

Natural Lighting – Remember, just like indoor lighting will make colors appear different, outdoor lighting will also look very different. Take flowers outside or to a window to see how the color looks in the natural lighting of the sun before you decide on a final color.

Windy Gales – While a tall flower arrangement might be dramatic, it only takes one strong wind to blow it over and cause a mess. For an outdoor wedding, choose stable arrangements that are short and won’t be easily disturbed if the wind picks up.

No matter what your wedding colors are, where you choose the venue or what style you are planning in, our florists can help you choose the perfect blooms for your big day.