Decorating for Outdoor Weddings

outdoor weddingTrends for weddings in 2015 continue to push the creative envelope, with more brides and grooms looking for the “wow” factor in their events. According to, many couples this year have opted for a non-traditional venue for their outdoor wedding – choosing castles, magnificent private estates or art galleries as the backdrop to their special day. This trend was exemplified a recent wedding held at the Boston Museum of Science ; an event at which Central Square provided the beautiful floral arrangements. Against the backdrop of the scenic Charles River and the Cambridge skyline, the museum provided the unique ambiance while the wedding centerpieces drew the eyes of everyone in attendance.

At this event, the couple picked the Bright Summer Cylinder to adorn the outdoor space. This bouquet of vibrant wildflowers and colorful summer blooms ensured that nature’s color palette was the star of the décor show. This arrangement also capitalized on another popular trend in wedding planning; that of using a more organic and natural approach to the flowers, with the arrangements giving off a fresh-cut, straight from the garden aura. Placed in a clear vase with visible stems, you can almost imagine the bridesmaids out collecting the flowers just before the event. They are perfectly at home at an outdoor wedding, and provide just the right decorating touch in a most striking way.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, ask the experts at Central Square Florist to help you design the perfect arrangement to best complement the natural surroundings. Lavish or simple, the right floral display can turn your wedding into a spectacular visual experience. Call us today at 617-354-7553 or visit our online wedding gallery. We look forward to providing the flowers that will make your outdoor wedding venue the perfect setting for this most special day.