Flowers for Bridal Showers

Bridal ShowerAs wedding season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about bridal showers. Let the wedding experts at Central Square Florist handle all your bridal shower and wedding flowers and floral gifts.

Start by deciding on a theme for your bridal shower. Entertaining and wedding planning guru, Martha Stewart has some fantastic ideas for planning a garden-themed bridal shower. Stewart’s suggestion takes the concept of a garden-themed bridal shower to the next level.

She suggests that instead of focusing on using flowers in the shower décor, that the event planners use a bride’s interest in flowers, gardening, and plants in general, as the basis for creating a gift registry specifically for the shower. This is also a garden party for which weather need not be a concern. It can take place inside and have the same impact as it would if it took place outside.

Decorate with Plant and Flower Gifts

Nothing makes a home look more inviting than the curb appeal that catches the eye before anything else. Consider decorating with potted perennials that the guests give to the bride after the bridal shower. Make sure that the chosen flowers are suited for our hardiness zone.

It may be too early to see spring bulbs emerging from the ground, but there’s no reason you can’t take advantage of potted tulips, daffodils and hyacinth to bring the essence of spring into your bridal shower space. Bulbs are very Eco-friendly because they can go into the round in fall, and the bride will enjoy them every spring, remembering that they were part of her bridal shower.

Think Green and Encourage Sustainability

If the couple has a passion for locally sourced food, consider giving them the supplies they need to start their own vegetable garden. Don’t think that just because they’re going to live a multi-family home or condo, that they can’t take advantage of any outdoor space there is. Container gardening is very popular, and there are many renters who successfully grow flowers and vegetables, using containers that are designed to accommodate the space limitations.

Fun Activities

Though better suited as an outdoor activity because it’s so messy, a fun thing that everyone can participate in is transplanting perennials from nursery containers into attractive pots or containers the couple can use on their patio, balcony or porch. If you’re holding the event outside, and you’re lucky enough to do it where the couple will live, you can help them by planting stuff in the ground, so they’ve got a delightful outdoor living space to enjoy after the wedding.

Party Favors

Give the guests small pots of herbs they can grow on a windowsill or plant outside. An alternative is a windowsill herb planting kit that will let the guests plant herbs at their own convenience, and place them in the wooden pot holder that comes with the kit.