Summer Wedding Trends

shutterstock_143579107The snow may still be melting, but for brides planning a wedding later this year, summer is just around the corner. Now is the time to start finalizing the wedding plans. If you are still trying to figure out exactly what you want for your summer wedding, consider some of these hot trends for summer 2015 weddings!

  • Pale Blush – While this color is popping up in dresses as an alternative to traditional white or ivory, it is a great option for flowers too. Talk to your florist about what flowers may be available in this hot color!
  • Eco-Friendly Décor – The eco-friendly trend has hit nearly every industry and the wedding industry is no exception. This means flowers, greenery and do-it-yourself décor are in and plastic “swag” is out.
  • Edible Favors – The wedding favor is one of the most complicated things to decide on—you want something that tells your guests “thanks for attending,” but the same old junk will just be discarded or cast aside. Edible favors, including candy, coffee or bakery treats are a great alternative.
  • Sparkle Accents – Adding a touch of sparkle in unexpected places, such as to bouquets and veils are a fun touch. Talk to your stylist or florist to find out if they have suggestions, or consider adding pieces yourself—maybe even vintage jewelry scavenged from thrift stores or yard sales.
  • Chuppahs – While these functional, yet decorative pieces have been popular in Jewish ceremonies for centuries, they are gaining popularity among others too.
Blush Bouquet

Blush Bouquet

The styles and trends may change, but the goal of a wedding is always the same—create a beautiful day full of memories for the couple as well as the guests. If you would like some help planning your wedding in or around Boston, MA, call the wedding experts at Central Square Florist today and begin planning. After all, summer is coming!