Design Your Summer Wedding with Style

summer weddingWhen planning a wedding, there are three types of brides. One bride likes to comparison shop and looks for ways to save, but she may end up with disappointing results. Another bride knows exactly what she wants, but by going it alone, she may end up spending money needlessly. According to Central Square wedding consultant Jackie Levine, the third way to approach wedding planning is by far the best. “My suggestion is to choose a designer that you feel comfortable with personally and professionally, but one that can also work within your budget. I think those two factors go hand in hand.”
You may think that a wedding designer is out of your budget range, but just the opposite may be true. By hiring a professional, you will likely get the best value for the budget you have available to you. For instance, brides often come to their wedding planning armed with photos and inspiration they have found on social media and internet sites; however they may not understand the reality of bringing that arrangement to life. The flowers may be more expensive than she expects, or perhaps the flowers are out of season – meaning that they will need to be sourced from elsewhere and may not be as fresh as they should be.
A wedding consultant will listen to your dreams and desires, learn about your style and personality and take into account your budget. They can then make recommendations that are perfect for you, based on their extensive knowledge of wedding flowers. Many flowers resemble each other and will give you the same look and feel – and utilizing the substitute bloom may save you a lot of money. The florist will also offer other helpful hints gleaned from years of designing wedding flowers – for instance, use your “must have” flower for the bouquets, but use a similar flower for the venue décor; or perhaps re-purposing the bridesmaid’s bouquets for reception centerpieces.
While staying within your budget is important, you do not want to gamble with your wedding flowers, which are a very visible and defining aspect of your special day. By working with a Central Square Florist professional wedding designer, you will get the best of all worlds, as well as the peace of mind of knowing that it will all go off without a hitch.